INTEGRIS Sleep Disorders Center of Oklahoma

Oklahoma's only sleep center accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

Can you never seem to catch enough zzz's? Our lives are busier than ever and we're surrounded by technology that keeps us connected 24/7. That leaves many of us dragging during the day and operating under the notion that being "tired" is just a way of life. But did you know that being tired can actually be a symptom? A good 50 to 70 million of Americans suffer from some type of sleep disorder. And here’s the real eye-opener: as many as 80 percent of those go undiagnosed.

Use this section to learn about sleep disorders — what they are, when to get tested and what it entails. You’ll hear from Dr. Jonathan Schwartz and meet real people, just like you, who have improved their lives through the M.J. & S. Elizabeth Schwartz Sleep Disorders Center of Oklahoma.If you have questions or need assistance, call 405-636-7700.